Reintroducing Crypto Excellence


Incepted in 2017, Crypto Excellence paved the way as an accomplished platform for investments in early stage distributed ledger technologies. In accordance to the philosophy of Satoshi Nakamoto, Crypto Excellence enables everyone to invest. To date we have successfully invested in over 90 projects and consistently delivered on our promises.

The Future is here

The rise of fundraising platforms such as Polkastarter is driving a paradigm shift in early stage investment design. Their underlying blockchain technology enables a novel form of organizing investments.

A major shift in the future — aided by decentralization — will be the way in which we serve our community. While the usual ‘transactional’ model of investing will remain important, it will be replaced by a more efficient model with guaranteed allocations, incentive mechanisms and DAO governance.

In one element of the operations, monitoring data from investment pools will be gathered automatically — with no human intervention — and a smart contract expert analyses the deviations if necessary, while a distributed team of experienced partners keep the investment line running at optimum efficiency.


LIFT is a structured incubator program where our team will nurture crypto innovation through numerous strategic advancements. LIFT concludes with an IDO on our fundraising platform, which is not exclusive for intakes but further supports other investment varieties including equity ventures. LIFT helps founders connect with their tribe, linking them to mentorship, business support and investments.

The Four Pillars of LIFT


To ensure quality and flow of the projects we incubate the first step is to go through a rigorous research process. Intakes will benefit a competitor analysis, marketing plan, value proposition and a calibrated market entry strategy.


It’s no secret that a strong community is essential for the success of any startup. Crypto Excellence has a uniquely strong community boasting over 4000 compatriots ready to support your project. During LIFT you will be given the chance to receive feedback and onboard ambassadors from our community. As part of LIFT you will be introduced to numerous partner communities and projects to further establish a powerful backing.


During this stage our team will assist you in fine tuning the development phase with code analysis, token metrics, connection to KOLs and exploring partnership synergies.


The Incubation program concludes with an IDO on our crowdfunding platform LIFT. IDO participants will need to hold CE tokens to participate in the IDO. The longer they hold or stake CE the greater the chances of winning the lottery ticket needed to participate in the IDO.

Token Benefits

  • CE is the ticket to participate in our token and equity ventures. Based on the tier, CE holders get access to deals first and get guaranteed allocations.
  • CE will be staked to mine CEG, which is the CE governance token. Users can stake CE to receive rewards.
  • CE will be used as an incentive mechanism to reward network participants for performance, AMAs, investments and other interesting metrics which will be established by the community.
  • Buy & Burn mechanism — half of the pooling fees will be used to buy back and burn CE tokens.

Holders of CE will be able to participate in LIFT’s lucrative listings. To reward loyal ambassadors of CE, the longer you hold CE the higher the chances of participating in the LIFT IDOs. LIFT will be the first crowdfunding platform to offer both equity as well as token IDOs.

Tier System

As we transition into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, you need to hold a certain amount of CE to get access to the benefits of your respective tier.

Tier one

Professor which requires 15000 CE.

Benefits: Professor entrants get access to exclusive deals which are not publicized to other tier. Professor entrants get an individual allocation ranging between $5000-$15000 in all non-exclusive pools as well as 12 hours head start on any unfilled allocation.

Tier two

Doctorate which requires 7500 CE.

Benefits: Doctorate entrants get an individual allocation ranging between $2500-$7500 in all non-exclusive pools as well as 6 hours head start on any unfilled allocation.

Tier three

Graduate which requires 2500 CE.

Benefits: Graduate entrants get an individual allocation ranging between $1000-$5000 in all non-exclusive pools as well as 3 hours head start on any unfilled allocation.

Tier four

Student which requires 1000 CE.

Benefits: Students entrants get an individual allocation ranging between $500-$2000 in all non-exclusive pools.

Token Sale

The token sale will be concluded in three investment rounds which are exclusive to our community. As we anticipate the investment appetite to exceed our cap, allocations will be in favor of early supporters and partners who aspire to assist us in our journey. Token Sale details including pricing and metrics will be shared inside our channels.







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