Introducing Crypto Excellence

A community of crypto enthusiasts bridging the gaps. Crypto excellence invests exclusively in the crypto ecosystem.

At Crypto Excellence we are determined to represent cryptocurrency in it’s best light. Driven by a passion in ICO’s, we give crypto enthusiasts the opportunity to invest only in high potential ICO’s.

At the same time, we ensure equality in opportunity for everyone, enabling big or small investors to invest in promising crypto projects. This stands in accordance with the philosophy of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Crypto Excellence aims to become the most trustworthy and user-friendly community for ICOs.


This community will have an opportunity to leverage some of our resources and relationships. Our community comprises of positive, enthusiastic innovative individuals (beginners, enthusiasts, analysts, reviewers, coders, traders, investors).


The activity of the Crypto Excellence investment pool does not imply instant sale of the any tokens. Crypto Excellence consolidates the investors capital for the purpose of purchasing the rights to the future tokens at a significant discount from investment funds/investors before they are released for the public ICO. The rights to the tokens are bought out from participants of the closed rounds, and will be distributed among the clients of the pool.

Our Values


Independent Thinkers

Low Friction


What we invest in

We Invest In Founders.

Courage of conviction




Big, attractive markets

Radical innovation




How do Crypto Excellence operate?

  • Once an ICO has passed our filtration process we contact the project on behalf of our community and negotiate the best deal possible.

Smart Contract

PrimaBlock handles the accounting and remittance work involved in pooling funds from lots of contributors to participate in an ICO.

  • To maximize the security of your transactions this platform does not require you to provide any private key information from your wallet, but rather gives instructions on how to transfer funds into the pool.
  • Purchased tokens/coins can be set to auto distributed to investors without interaction from the pool manager.
  • Funds contributed can be withdrawn or adjusted prior to the execution of the contract which grants the investor FULL CONTROL of theirinvestment.


At Crypto Excellence we also offer you a place where we share our research, strategies and opportunities.

Want to team up with Crypto Excellence now while it’s still possible? Make sure you introduce yourself in the channel when joining us. We’d be glad to have you onboard.

Most importantly, read through the House Rules on our ‘mustread-rules’ channel. Let’s build and grow together, share our knowledge and wisdom with each other. The ultimate level of success this community can achieve, is helping others to succeed and reach their goals.

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A community of crypto enthusiasts bridging the gaps. Crypto excellence invests exclusively in the crypto ecosystem.