Crypto Excellence

Jul 19, 2018

5 min read

Introducing Crypto Excellence

A community of crypto enthusiasts bridging the gaps. Crypto excellence invests exclusively in the crypto ecosystem.

At Crypto Excellence we are determined to represent cryptocurrency in it’s best light. Driven by a passion in ICO’s, we give crypto enthusiasts the opportunity to invest only in high potential ICO’s.

At the same time, we ensure equality in opportunity for everyone, enabling big or small investors to invest in promising crypto projects. This stands in accordance with the philosophy of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Crypto Excellence aims to become the most trustworthy and user-friendly community for ICOs.


Community where Excellence, Integrity, Honesty, Success is emphasised. Crypto Excellence is the world’s first transparent cryptocurrency organisation aimed to unite together a strong exclusive community with a shared vision of obtaining financial freedom. We have a core team of accredited investors. The team have large connections with Notable Individuals in the crypto space, Big VCs, Crypto Funds, contacts with Influencers etc.

This community will have an opportunity to leverage some of our resources and relationships. Our community comprises of positive, enthusiastic innovative individuals (beginners, enthusiasts, analysts, reviewers, coders, traders, investors).

Whether you’re very experienced in the crypto space or relatively new to crypto, we welcome anyone who’s interested in cryptocurrency and shares the same vision of obtaining financial freedom. We are glad to have you join us on this journey.

The activity of the Crypto Excellence investment pool does not imply instant sale of the any tokens. Crypto Excellence consolidates the investors capital for the purpose of purchasing the rights to the future tokens at a significant discount from investment funds/investors before they are released for the public ICO. The rights to the tokens are bought out from participants of the closed rounds, and will be distributed among the clients of the pool.

Our Values

The path through the wilderness is by definition uncertain. We are in it for the long haul. Cryptocurrency is a market that rewards patience on all levels. We love true believers — single-minded founders with grit.

We often take a different view from the herd, so love engaging with crazy, contrarian ideas and investing in them early.

We appreciate the value of time and the pressure you’re under. We commit to simple, transparent business and quick turnarounds. We don’t sweat the small stuff and deliver on our promises.

We are committed to ensuring the highest level of assurance of all transactions made with your investment funds.

What we invest in

Great founders are rare. Pioneers, geniuses, rule-breakers. Forging their own path with a drive to “make a dent in the universe.”

A true believer by nature, you are brave enough to challenge convention — and you have been proven right in the past.

You are mission-driven, not a mercenary. This is a mountain that you chose to climb and you are determined to conquer. It’s worth some of your best years.

Carpe diem. You can go a long way with limited capital. You make your own luck. You find a way to the best advisors and business partners.

You are stubborn, but honest and transparent even when the going is uncertain. You like to listen to and learn from others and enjoy being challenged, but you make the decisions.

A great market can cover a lot of sins. And when the right team meets a great market, something special happens, especially when you are first and define the space.

We fall in love with original products and services that make or revolutionize their markets. Where customers are evangelists and can’t imagine a world without you.

You have handpicked a killer team. Your first hires are stars who will scale with your ambition and share your passion.

Your small size is a strength — you are fast and nimble. You measure everything and adapt quickly, and thrive on overcoming obstacles. When the model is working, you put your foot on the gas.

We know things rarely go to plan. That’s okay. Like you, we’re in the risk business. We prefer to swing for the fences and look towards the sky, and expect to make some mistakes. We build conviction about macro investment themes and focus our activities around them.

How do Crypto Excellence operate?

  • We select an ICO based on the community suggestions and on our own evaluation. We conduct our evaluation on a review of the token metrics and the projects fundamentals to ensure the highest quality investments.
  • Once an ICO has passed our filtration process we contact the project on behalf of our community and negotiate the best deal possible.

Primablock is a platform that simplifies fund raising for ICOs and token distribution. It is based on an open-source smart contract in the Ethereum Blockchain. Their website is intuitive and simple to use. They have a long standing proven record without any hack.

PrimaBlock handles the accounting and remittance work involved in pooling funds from lots of contributors to participate in an ICO.

  • To maximize the security of your transactions this platform does not require you to provide any private key information from your wallet, but rather gives instructions on how to transfer funds into the pool.
  • Purchased tokens/coins can be set to auto distributed to investors without interaction from the pool manager.
  • Funds contributed can be withdrawn or adjusted prior to the execution of the contract which grants the investor FULL CONTROL of theirinvestment.


Being part of our group is much more than just contributing to presales: You’ll be able to discover under-the-radar projects and discuss crypto tech, news and ICOs with our amazing community.

At Crypto Excellence we also offer you a place where we share our research, strategies and opportunities.

Want to team up with Crypto Excellence now while it’s still possible? Make sure you introduce yourself in the channel when joining us. We’d be glad to have you onboard.

Most importantly, read through the House Rules on our ‘mustread-rules’ channel. Let’s build and grow together, share our knowledge and wisdom with each other. The ultimate level of success this community can achieve, is helping others to succeed and reach their goals.

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