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Nov 14, 2021

4 min read

Are you ready for LIFT OFF? 🚀

The Crypto Excellence team is proud to present in November you will be able to test the long awaited and much anticipated LIFT Incubation Platform!

Make sure to strap yourself in tightly, as together with the launch of LIFT we are preparing for our very first “GAME”-changing LIFT OFF in Q1 2022!

If this is your first time hearing about us, welcome and we are glad you have found us! Please feel free to first read our previous articles to get to know more about us. If you like what you read and are interested in being part of this journey, then we would love to welcome you into our community! [LINK TO DISCORD]

As you can read in our earlier article, LIFT, Leading Innovation Forward Track, will be truly a one of a kind structured incubator program. It is built with a vision in mind of creating a one-stop-shop for crypto and traditional ideas startups, where we can cater to their every need. Over the past 4 years the CE team has forged strong partnerships and created a vast network of exhaustive connections within every single aspect of the crypto world, which will all be available for a combined and continuous support to projects on the LIFT platform.

To give you a better idea of what services we can provide to projects launching on LIFT;

- Fundraising, with over four years of experience in raising large amounts of funds for projects within CE and angel investing experience preceding the creation of CE, we have a proven track record of our ability to raise large amounts of funds. The connections to big Venture Capitalists can assist in further raising funds for future development of the project.

Token metrics design, over the past years we have developed extensive knowledge on token metrics, with first hand experience on what works best for each project and different market conditions. Here at CE we will provide guidance in designing the metrics to perfectly fit to the project if required.

— Strategic guidance and development, helping projects defining their strategy and how to allocate their resources to best pursue this strategy. To a certain extent we are even able to assist in the development of a project.

Marketing, CE has close partnerships with the leading marketing agencies in the crypto space, ensuring that the projects are able to get the exposure they require to really take off. These partnerships are not just limited to the strong firms established in Europe and the USA, but reach deep into the Korean, Vietnamese and Chinese crypto markets.
Market-Making through strong connections to exquisite market-making firms. Market-makers are essential for the health of a launched project, they help provide and create the liquidity necessary for the future prospective of the trading pairs, ensuring there is copious volume for the public to trade against and keep the market functioning.
VC firms & top tier exchanges, introductions to other big VC firms and top tier exchanges through our excellent relationships to further speed up and assist with listing procedures.
Regulatory support, depending on the jurisdiction in which the project is based there will be different compliances the project will have to adhere to. We are here to assist with the regulatory matters that come into play.

To further elaborate on our outstanding track record of investments and what will help us set ourselves apart from other platforms. Currently CE is boasting successful investments in over 120 projects since its inception in 2017, with numerous investments giving a Return On Investment of over 20,000% to our community members. A few honourable mentions are; Paid Network (284x), Dreams Quest (300x) and Project Seed (120x) which have all performed extremely well.

Back in 2018 Crypto Excellence aimed to “become the most trustworthy and user-friendly community for ICOs”, this vision has not changed and will remain the same for the future years to come. We continue to strive honouring Satoshi Nakamoto’s philosophy of enabling everyone to invest, and we want to thank you for helping us making this happen. The amount of guidance, knowledge, openness and passion you have all shared and provided to each other is unrivalled. A truly beautiful community has established itself by not only limiting the ongoing discussions to crypto, but also to the struggles and celebrations in each others personal lives.

The support from you, a most inclusive and unprecedented community, should not be overlooked. If anything has shown us, the power of a strong community is a force to be reckoned with and we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. Together with the extensive support that the CE team and their connections can offer to the projects on LIFT, you will be playing a key role in aiding to build these projects from the ground up. The full hearted support from you will be widely recognised, and as we work so closely together with these projects, chances will prevail themselves to our community. Chances for you to further develop yourself in this space, to build connections and to get some skin in the game for the long term. You can help us by spreading the kindness and inclusiveness to the upcoming LIFT projects and onboard their communities with us for a successful LIFT OFF!

Going forward we will be launching the LIFT Research Spotlight, where we publish research articles on protocols, projects, teams and overall interesting crypto insights. On top of that we will be rolling out some very exciting updates and changes to Crypto Excellence in the near future as part of our rebranding and to further develop the vision we have. So keep an eye out for our twitter and blog posts with the latest updates.

Team Crypto Excellence. Over and Out.